Making Outstanding Explainer Videos: A Few Great Tips

explainer video

Do you want to create a good explainer video? In case you didn’t know, explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools used today. They can help you attract potential clients and help them understand what your offer is all about. If you want to witness the incredible effects of explainer videos, it is crucial to create an outstanding explainer video. We will use this article to show you what you can do to reach this objective.

  1. Pay more attention to the script

Some say that the script is the heart of the explainer video. This is quite logical because the script is used as the basis for all the other elements. Most experts agree, that it’s better to hire a professional writer focused on scripts for this purpose. Select a professional that knows how to use the right words at the right time. The true professionals in this field will ask you to provide some basic information in order to get a basic idea about your needs.

  1. Try to be as short as possible

The whole point of using explainer videos is to trigger visual senses in people. So, the fewer words you use in the script the better. Business owners usually have to explain everything about their products in these videos, but that’s not the point of explainer videos. Use a maximum of 150 words per minute and don’t make videos longer than two minutes. Be precise and concise, talk about the things that your viewers and potential customers will find amusing and useful and you should be able to create an effective explainer video.

  1. Simplicity works the best

When things are kept shorter, they are usually simpler too. Regardless of the fact whether your explainer video lasts a minute or two, you should include four elements in it. First and foremost, you must showcase the problem that your customers are experiencing. After that, you should show your product as a good solution for this problem. Next, you must explain (very briefly) how it works and why it’s better than the others. Finally, the explainer video should end with a call to action – explain them how they can buy the product.

  1. Advantages not features

The last advice we have for you is to focus on the advantages, not on the features of your product. Visitors can check the characteristics later, but the video is here to boost their interest.

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