The positive impact of whiteboard explainer videos on your business

explainer video

When people talk about whiteboards, they usually think about the classic board that is typically found in offices and classrooms. However, with the advance of technology, whiteboards (in a different form) are used in many promotional and educational videos. Obviously, we are talking about whiteboard explainer videos.

In most cases, businesses use these videos to explain and present the advantages of their services and/or products. The majority of marketers agree that whiteboard explainer videos are a convenient way for any business to explain their offer and ultimately help them boost brand awareness and sales.

Whiteboard explainer videos have an ability to present the product and/or service or the business operations of a company in a way that makes them effective marketing tool. If you are running a business, then you should consider using these explainer videos. These videos rely on a mix of audio files, images, and interesting storytelling with one specific goal – to help viewers understand what the product/service is all about. Numerous surveys have shown that these videos are easier to understand and more memorable compared to PowerPoint presentations and slideshows. Viewers are attracted to the fun and unusual presentation of facts that may be a little bit boring. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why these specific explainer videos are able to boost sales is the fact that the details and characteristics of the product can be set in the minds of viewers even if they are unaware of it.

It’s always amusing to watch a person draw something. People are naturally attracted to this activity because it lets them unleash their imagination and creativity. That’s what whiteboard explainer videos contain – a hand that draws things. These are quickly drawn images that usually contain adequate sound effects and in some cases – humor too. The combination of different media makes the content even more memorable.

Using high-quality whiteboard explainer videos on your site will grab the attention of every visitor and help you turn visitors into buyers. In addition, using videos like this will help you improve your search engine ranking. SEO experts can confirm that whiteboard explainer videos are good for website optimization.

Additionally, using an explainer video on YouTube with a link that redirects visitors to your website will boost web traffic. These are the most important reasons why business owner have to start using whiteboard explainer videos.

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